Why subscribe?

Probably you know me or at least my writing from one of the hundreds of places I got stories, reviews, or essays published years ago.

I’m going to be writing regular essays here about old things, like games from my childhood, books that enrage or thrill me, and other such things.

Every Tuesday, I’ll be releasing a new essay and then, I think, every Friday I’ll be putting out something a bit different. A bit lighter and more spontaneous.

I’ll also be launching a publishing venture in 2022. So if you enjoyed the books I had published years ago, you’ll probably enjoy what I have in the works.

Why Substack?

I don’t know, all right? I looked at a few options and this seemed the easiest to work with and include the kinds of things I like to include, with regard to formatting and media.

Yes, I’ve heard about the controversies. Personally, they seem overstated and driven by professional anxiety and personal animosity.

I also think lionizing it as some free speech haven is, to put it mildly, hilarious.

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